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Our French restaurant

Located in an 1880 heritage building on
Essex Street
– the Angel’s House provides the experience to enrich your tastebuds and travel into French culinary history.


Created by two French brothers :

Anthony and Jeremy, the Angel’s House is a traditional French Bistro offering a prestigious selection of wines from across Australia and France.


Due to the building's architectural design and the atmosphere of Fremantle, the area has always reminded them of their hometown, a small village in Provence in the South of France.

Thus the exclusive building in the heart of Fremantle was chosen to be the home of the French cuisine bistro.


The brothers have been travelling since their adolescence, living throughout the tropics of the Caribbean and the rainforests of Indonesia. However they always remained close to their French roots with its great wine and food that marked the flavours of their childhood.


Angel’s House Fremantle sources locally grown fruit, vegetables, meat and seafood along with foraged flavours from around the world..

Seasonal produce allows the transformation of menu offerings, meaning the restaurant will offer an array of tasteful journeys throughout the year.


Presented with a flourish of fine hospitality, our team are young and passionate about food and wine.


Our aim is to entice you into our food journey to ensure your time at Angel’s House Fremantle is full of discoveries.


Anthony and Jeremy are in love with
French traditional cuisine - a love they want
 to share with you in their home at Angel's House Fremantle. Combining the brothers' passions in food and hospitality, the Angel’s House was born.

Bon Appétit

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