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Meet Our Team

Angel's House is the Pearl Bali's
little brother.

Anthony and Jeremy worked together in managing the hotel and restaurant of the Pearl Bali.
This dynamic duo brought a breath of fresh air into the Bali Hotel Pearl and Pearl Restaurant for a few years. 


After Anthony  experienced Australia, he convinced his brother to come and have a look. 


Both fell in love with Western Australia, especially Fremantle, which reminds them of the little French village where they grew-up.

They therefore they decided to bring their knowledge from the Pearl to Angel's House.

Jeremy Blanchet.​  - HEAD CHEF


Chef Jeremy is a spirited culinary artist. He puts his passion for life into his creations. From a young age, he was
already cooking. With his Caribbean background and experience in Bali, he strengthened his ability to bring
to your plate the best of all these places.


Anthony Blanchet.​ - MANAGER


Anthony began his studies in hotel  and restaurant management at the Vatel hotel school to pursue a Master degree which would open the doors to several prestigious establishments .  He went off to work in fine dining restaurants including the Michelin starred Patina Los Angeles before being hired by Guillaume Brahimi of Bistro Guillaume to run the Perth restaurant at just 24 years of age.

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